Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Whiskeytown, Shasta County near Redding, Calfornia

We stopped by Whiskeytown on our way home from a roadtrip in September 2018 but it was ravaged by wildfires so none of the trails were open we just passed through in the car and explored a couple areas but hope to go back someday when it's recovered.

Shasta Dam, Lake Shasta, California

We made a pit stop here on a road trip to visit the dam, it was over 100 degrees so too hot to stay long but took a short walk out on the dam and back.  Lots more to do around Lake Shasta and the area.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Smelts Sands State Recreation Site and 308 Trail, Yachats, Oregon

We stayed at a hotel near this small park but there is a trail along the coast (the 804 Trail) that leads to a dog friendly sandy beach that stretches miles north from Yachats to Waldport via San Marine State Park, Beachside State Recreation Site, Wakonda Beach.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Central Oregon Coast

Stopped here on a road trip to check out the dunes and Horsfall Beach and do a quick hike around Bluebill Lake.